Back to school nights, graduations, Homecoming, dances
Plan any school event with RSVPify

Customizable Event Website

Create an event website to share all of the important info, details, and updates in one convenient spot. Customize every element of your event website to showcase your school pride, communicate key details to parents or students, or post updates.

Event Registration Tools

Register guests in advance to make logistics simple. Provide guests with custom QR codes to scan on arrival to make event registration a breeze. Track attendance in real-time

Sell Tickets or Collect Payments

From prom to graduation, collecting payments for school events has never been simpler. Set different ticketing tiers, track sales for accounting purposes, and share QR codes with attendees after processing payments to ensure only invited guests can enter.


Manage guests at any school event with ease

Group Parties For Easy RSVP'ing

Put household members such as families or members of a department into one group. Any group member can respond to the online RSVP for the entire party.

Manage (and Limit) Plus Ones

You have full control over who can and can’t bring a guest. Collect information from those bringing a plus 1 (like their names!).

Import Your Guest List

Upload your spreadsheet to RSVPify to quickly add all of your invited guests from school rosters and reuse the same guest list for multiple events.


Privacy is at our core.

Other event management platforms monetize your data and that of your guests. RSVPify is the market leader in private events, and we respect your event’s privacy at every turn.

Create successful school events all year long

Event software tailored for everything from back-to-school night to fundraisers

RSVPify offers school event invitations

Send Save the Dates, Invites & Reminders

Easily coordinate with every member of the school community with customizable email invitations, automated reminders and confirmation emails.

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Completely customize your online invitation or online RSVP

Collect Key Info, Orders, or Payments

Use custom questions to collect cap and gown sizes, meal orders, or necessary info. Sell tickets or collect payments for any school event.

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QR codes for paper invites make RSVPing simple

Appointment Scheduling

Set up conferences with teachers or administrators and allow parents or students to book slots. Host trainings or PD sessions for staff.

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Email invitations

Send email invitations

Online registration and RSVP

Online registration and RSVP software

Custom data collection

Collect data from events easily

Guest list management

Guest list management made simple

Menu preferences

Create menu options easily

Sub-event management

Create sub-events and limit attendance

Event privacy/exclusivity

Create exclusive events

Drag-and-drop seating charts

Drag-and-drop seating chart creator tools


Industry-leading event check-in software

Answers to School Event Planning Questions

Does RSVPify keep personal information secure?

Yes! Privacy is at the core of RSVPify's event software. Info from anyone attending school events is protected with enterprise-grade security features, and RSVPify will never share your data.

What types of school events can I plan with RSVPify?

You can use RSVPify for any school event! Conferences, back-to-school nights, graduation ceremonies, school dances, field trips, camps, convocations, and more. RSVPify offers the event planning tools you need for any school event, big or small.

Can I use RSVPify to pre-register guests and track event attendance?

Yes! RSVPify offers event check-in tools to scan attendees in using QR codes or confirmation numbers, as well as the ability to set up self check-in kiosks and more with Enterprise plans. Schedule a demo to learn more from our team.